Thankful for Simple Pleasures

Thankful for Simple Pleasures

imageToday, my blatherings lightly touch on how we humans should keep focus on the simple pleasures this glorious and gracious life here on earth provides.   When faced with the gruesome grind of daily living, it can be easy to take all we are given for granted.

Holding your loved one’s hand, watching your children play, snuggling with your furry friend (meaning pet!), experiencing the sheer magic of a beautiful sunrise or sunset, joining friends for lunch – better yet – happy hour, or perhaps taking time to actually smell the roses.  Simple pleasures, no matter how minute these moments in time may seem, should be cherished – always.

Anyone who faces chronic illness, or health hurdles beyond one’s control, understands the importance of counting your blessings and appreciating the little things.   Keeping spirits up and positive thoughts flowing, are also vital pieces of the healing journey puzzle.

For me these days, being blessed with a few hours where my symptoms subside enough, allowing me the energy to venture away from my bubble – aka the house – well, this is a rarity and a BIG deal.

Monday, June 6, 2016, is particularly worth noting for this Lymie.   Hubby and I have dubbed said day as Monumental Monday.   I shared a photo on Instagram and Facebook commemorating this day in history.   Why all the fuss you might ask?    After such a grueling go of it recently, a long overdue and much appreciated day of reprieve became a reality.   A noteworthy moment in time.   Simple pleasures to be thankful for – and thus blathered about.

A lab request form (for my routine Lymie blood work) had been sitting on the kitchen counter for almost two months.  Waiting, waiting, and yes, waiting for my body to cooperate.   It can be a bit of a challenge for me to be vertical between the hours of 7:30am-3:30pm Mon-Fri.   Laboratory facilities are so picky with their blood drawing hours.   Borderline rude!    Oh wait, maybe this is a case of “it’s not you, it’s me”.   Whatevs.

By this stage in my health journey, I’m a tad over the needle pricks and sticks.  Let’s just say, I’m never excited about visiting the local phlebotomist.   Rest assured – this was not the simple pleasures noteworthy moment!   We’re getting there.

This body finally agreed to be alert, present, and mostly cooperative during normal human daylight hours.   So, why not spend a portion of this gloriously blessed day having my veins robbed of valuable red go juice?   Obviously!

A date with a needle sticking, lab coat wearing vampire is only the teaser to this Monumental Monday.   There was truly a celebration to be had.   I was upright before noon.   This alone was BIG.   Then add showered, face on, and hair did by 2:30pm.   What??!!   Alert the media.   Simple pleasures indeed.

Sadly the hubs was out of town and unable to witness this highly infrequent transformation of his usually bedridden, sickly, and uh um…less than glamorous looking wife.   Making the photo commemoration even more a sine qua non.   Proof!

My sister had been staying with me during hubby’s prolonged absence. (What a blessing in itself this was, but another #LivingTheLymeLife issue all together.)   She was not only witness to, but an active participant in this monumental day.   One might even suggest she was an accomplice.

After the BIG shower, hair, and make-up happenings, instead of my usual crash, adrenaline was pumping throughout my veins.   Let’s get this blood sucking party started.   I even drove to the lab like a big girl.   O.M.G.!   Somebody stop this crazy train.

Feeling quite proud of myself for all that had been accomplished thus far, why stop now?   These moments occur too seldom not to try to push myself as far as that adrenaline rush was going to take me.   So push forward I did, with my sister riding shotgun.    Simple pleasures and gratitude continuing.

A snapshot of the remainder of this Monumental Monday consisted of a virgin shoe shopping experience for my sister at DSW, and a post office pit stop – because we are wild and crazy like that.   An additional monumental moment worth noting; I was present in a designer shoe warehouse store and did not try on – or purchase – even one pair of shoes.  Worth repeating.  I, Terry shoe queen, did not try on or purchase one pair of shoes!  Now THAT is an “alert the media” moment.  Proving I wasn’t feeling entirely my best, but still forcing myself to kick in that inner shopping gene we women are born with.  Looking back, the physical restraint I exuded perhaps had never happened before.  Ever!   Noting a simple pleasure monumental moment for  hubby.

My sis and I nicely rounded off the afternoon’s excursions with an early dinner at my favorite restaurant.   Full treat by Vicki Lee.   Bonus!

All simple pleasures.

Vicki Lee and Me  ~ Monumental Monday!

WOW!   It was more than grand to feel somewhat like a normal human for a few hours.  Dare I say – it was monumental!

The take away from my blathering on about a random Monday afternoon, basically consisting of errands with my sister?   My hope is for you to allow yourself moments to give pause.  Recognize what might seem like normal, mundane occurrences can hastily – and easily – be taken for granted.   Truly appreciate and be thankful for ALL of the simple pleasures in your life.


Until my next Blathering – wishing you wellness – and an abundance of Simple Pleasures! 

Terry 💚 The Blathering Lymie

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6 thoughts on “Thankful for Simple Pleasures

  1. So true. My day is always a little better if I make that morning or afternoon gratitude list (mental list). Some days I can just thank my lucky stars for the basics. I ask do I have a roof over my Head, Something to eat today, family or friend who love me? Then I remember all those who do not, and I feel blessed.

    1. I love your thinking Ann! I use to have a gratitude journal. Remember when Oprah started the whole gratitude thing? I think its a very helpful idea and I’m going to begin to do that again now thanks to you!

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