Stem Cells – Week 10 – My Lyme Disease Healing Journey

Stem Cells – Week 10 – My Lyme Disease Healing Journey


Ten weeks!  Wow!   I am a little uncertain how I feel about this stemmiversary.  There are times when it seems as though the past few months have flown by, then moments when I think this healing thang is moving at a snail’s pace.

Merely speculating, but my over-eagerness to return to “normal” active human-ing might be playing with my thoughts a bit.  Maybe just a smidge. I’m trying to strong-will this healing process along at more of a “get ‘er done” pace.

Stem cell therapy doesn’t quite work this way.

Reminder:  Be a patient patient.  It’s a marathon not a sprint!

Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of this phrase.  I’m a sprinter, people, not a distance runner!

Wrapping my head around the whole stem cells re-birthing, regeneration, and recalibration process…it’s a continuous learning curve.  Healing at a cellular level is absolutely fascinating, and well, REALLY COOL!

Ten Weeks Post Stems:  How have I been feeling?

Honest answer:  It completely depends upon the day, and sometimes changes hour-to-hour.

The past several weeks, I’ve been on a non-stop roller coaster of varying symptoms and emotions.  All anticipated, as part of the infamous projected weeks five-nine post stems “crash”.   Since there is no controlling these swings, I’m along for the ride.  Grateful for the ups, buckled-in and bracing for the downs.

Nothing terribly new to someone who has been coping with, and treating Lyme disease/chronic illness for an extended period of time.  We know ups and downs!

Warning! I’m about to drop a litany of non-technical information. (Oh wait, that’s my norm vocab.)

Recently, odd sensations have been coming and going.  Like, “whoa, what was that?” kind of flushing, tingling, wooshing, really difficult to describe weirdness. (See, non-technical words.)

Sometimes, there’s all-over feeling lousy, which can transform to complete and utter miserableness. (Translation: feeling like pooh – and then beyond pooh.)  Not gonna lie, these moments and/or days have been tough.  Some days, really, really tough.  (Further translation: buckle-in and hold on really, really tight!)

Then, there is the oh so lovely pulsing, shooting, stabbing pain that pin-balls it’s way around from head-to-toe(s); making sure to ricochet off of as many nerves, joints, bones, and muscles as possible.  (Umm, no bueno.)

Thankfully, and most importantly, there are times – even days – of feeling pretty gosh darn good!  Spurts of energy happy dance moments. (No translation necessary.)

All the above, let’s me know some serious activity is taking place inside this bod.  (aka: my stemmies are busy doing their thang!)

Summary to this update:  I’m hanging in there; coping with all of these wonky symptoms that come and go; still sleeping a great deal; and being patient!  Thrilled to be along for this particular roller coaster ride – My Stem Cells Healing Journey.

Full Disclosure:  Maybe “thrilled” isn’t how I’m always feeling, but Remaining Hopeful and excited about my overall healing path.  Counting down the days until my 100+ days follow-up appointment with Infusio Beverly Hills.

Go Stem Cells Go!  Let’s “Get ‘er Done”.

For those of you considering Stem Cell Therapy, or are currently in the midst of your own personal healing journey, IT IS A PROCESS!  Definitely not a sprint, but indeed a marathon.

  • Treatment and Healing can be SO FLIPPING HARD!
  • You’ve got to be ALL IN.  Truly believe.  Have unwavering faith in your treatment and healthcare practitioners.
  • We all NEED a strong support “Team” to BE THERE – in any way possible.
  • SO important – BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

Final little snippet, then I’ll close this Blathering.  To all of you lovelies out there fighting your own battles – be it illness, caring for someone who is ill, or coping with the daily challenges, trials, and struggles that come your way – PLEASE:

  • Keep moving forward.  Looking back gets us nowhere.
  • Lean on your tribe.  If you don’t have a tribe, reach out and create one.  You’re surrounded by people who “get it” – whatever “it” is.
  • Thoughts are powerful.  Don’t get trapped in negativity.  Feed your brain positive fuel.
  • Be Thankful!  Blessings are bestowed upon us each and every day.  Just look, or better yet, GO outside.  Mother Nature will remind you.

Whatever you’re facing, I hope you keep the Faith in a higher power.  We’re never in this journey alone!

Until my next Blathering, wishing you all a peaceful season.

Many Blessings and positive vibes to all!

Terry💚The Blathering Lymie


I sincerely hope you will continue to follow along with My Healing Journey.

Try to look past how many times I used the word “really”.  I mean, really?!🤷🏼‍♀️

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Thank you! 😊

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  1. love you girl, you ARE healing, and those symptoms are quite familiar post new stem cell growth.. i know this! keep on sister!

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