Post SVF Stem Cells Update – Week 4

Post SVF Stem Cells Update – Week 4

Post Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) Stem Cells Update

Six weeks have passed since my Integrative Lyme Disease treatment began at Infusio Beverly Hills.   Marking week four of my new stem cells joining the healing party: multiplying; getting their assignments; and swimming to damaged cells, tissue, nerves, and anywhere repair and healing is needed.

Even though I am spending most of my days sleeping, then shifting to my comfy recliner in the evenings – it’s different.  Difficult to explain…it’s just different.

Different from the years spent shackled to my bed, miserably ill.

Different from the darkness, with no visible light to be seen from beyond illness.

Different from feeling like a prisoner in my body…

For the first time in over 17 years, I can actually feel my body healing!

It may seem crazy and “out there”, but unless you’ve been trapped inside a sickly body for decades, or even a short period of time, you may not truly understand.  Please trust in my words, there is change happening inside of this body.  Healing is taking place and it’s amazing!

Having shared these spiritual-esque feelings, it is quite early in this healing journey.   There remains a lengthy and perhaps bumpy path still ahead.

Dr. Phillip Battiade, Dr. Kim, and the entire Infusio staff of professionals are very forthcoming in making patients aware of the need to exercise patience during the post stems process.  And for the first 100 days, cling to these simple guidelines:

  • Rest, rest, and REST!
  • Follow the advised individualized diet plan presented by the nutritionalist – who is awesome and knows his stuff!
  • Remember less is more, especially when it comes to supplementation or medications.
  • No outside clinical treatments unless an emergency; fully communicating with the Infusio treating physicians.
  • Avoid exposure to as many toxins and chemicals as possible: which includes everything that touches our skin and hair, is breathed in through the air, and obviously consumed through what we eat and drink.
  • All the above, to provide the new and pumped-up cells with: a healthy environment; time needed to do their work; and to remain uncompromised.

Basically, I’ll be living inside my air purified, adobe bubble for the duration of my 100 days post stems.  Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration.  But, until the temps cool down here in the desert, I will be resting in the comfort of my stucco walls with the a/c cranked.  Thank goodness for solar panels!

I have successfully converted all of my skin care, make-up, and hair products to toxic-free/organic everything.  Significant research involved in that process, but worth it.  It’s all for the stems!

There is one exception to my OCD everything “free” frenzy.  It’s Eddie the cat.  He may not be hypo-allergenic, but he’s part of the healing team.

The above meme is a quoted pep talk text I received from my sister.

Had to share.

Before, during, and after the two week treatment program, it is repeatedly expressed: Expect a crash somewhere between weeks five and ten post stem cells.  Not a maybe, but an “it will happen”.

Even more strongly impressed upon patients:  Anticipate anywhere from 6-12 months to pass, or perhaps even longer, before significant healing may be noticeable.

Summary:  Rest, eat right, be smart, gonna have rough days and potentially feel REALLY lousy before feeling better, be a patient patient. Check!✅

Those of you who are on social media and follow me, you may have noticed postings I made over the past several weeks to Instagram, my personal Facebook and Color Me Lyme Facebook Pages.

I enjoyed sharing brief updates during my two week stent as a patient of Infusio.  I felt compelled to share the encouraging change from my bedridden malaise to energetic euphoria, all a direct result of the daily cell boosting therapies and treatments I was receiving.

Equally important to me, the desire to share my treatment experience with fellow Lyme and tickborne disease patients, especially those who may be considering going to Infusio for SVF stem cell therapy themselves.

It was wonderful to share the improvements and energy boosts felt during my eleven day stem cells boot camp.

My experience was absolutely surreal!

The following photos were taken during a few of my treatments.  There was a sense of family formed during those two weeks.  Not only by the six of us going through treatments together, but with the caregivers who were there for support, and especially with the Infusio staff.

Above Left photo:  Hollis is ‘da man!  A Rockin’ RN in charge of his domain for certain.

Above Right photo:  The lymphatic therapy/circulatory compression suit – a.k.a. maroon gumby suit – was A-MAZING!   I want one of these therapy suits…for realz!

Part of our gang during IV, diagnostic, and 10 pass ozone therapies.


These peeps right here…thankful for all they do!

De’Leon (above lower left pic) is Dr. Magic Hands. Nothing kinky intended here, he simply works magic with his healing energy, trigger point, and lymphatic drainage massages.

And yes, (Mark and) I tried to bring him home with us!

Above Left photo:  New stem cells ready to go to work, after receiving the magic Infusio process (special thanks to Dr. Kim and Dillon).

Above Right photo:  Me and the hubs on the last treatment day.

My Stemmie Sisters with a few of the Infusio Rock Stars!

Since returning home from LA, I haven’t been out of the house much except to venture to the mailbox a few times, and snap a couple of sunset pics.   I have been upright during the daytime some – and this is a notable improvement over pre-stem cell Terry.

How am I really feeling as of 4 weeks post stem cells?

The past few weeks I’ve been really fatigued, have daily headaches, and struggle with nausea almost non-stop – just different levels of intensity. Based upon my scheduled weekly follow-up phone consultations with Infusio, these are considered normal symptoms I might anticipate throughout the initial 100 days post stems.

Although I could really do without the nausea, I will gladly live with my current symptoms knowing my new cells are busy doing their thang!

So, resting and sleeping is all good.  Not a negative illness sentence, but a positive sign my stem cells are working hard.   Again, it’s difficult to explain, but a sincere feeling of optimism, hopefulness, and thoughts of true healing surrounds me.

A welcomed blessing indeed, to be in a place of peace and calm.  It’s taken me close to two decades to have cause to embrace such a positive mindset about my path to finding wellness again.  For this, I am forevermore thankful to Dr. Phil for developing the Infusio Concept, and to all of the Infusio professionals and staff for their wonderful patient care.

My optimistic enthusiasm might present to some like I drank the Infusio stem cell kool-aid.   And, well, I kinda did by way of an IV full of 170,702,000 new pumped-up and healthy stem cells.

That’s some good kool-aid!

Loosely sharing un-referenced info, stem cells multiply and reproduce roughly every 8-10 days.  Now this part may seem a little wacky, but I definitely feel odd sensations throughout my body about every ten days or so.   Crazy, right?!   Those stems are flat moving around and shakin’ things up!

The last reproduction cycle hit me hard with symptoms similar to my “normal” Lyme and Babesia flares.   A few new symptoms joined in the mix, reminding me I am nearing the predicted five-ten week “crash”.   All part of the ebbs and flows of this healing process.  But holy WOW!   It was a rough few days.

A little reality reminder – yes, I am still healing.

Something I can and will willingly cope with, knowing my body is recalibrating and under repair.


Before I bring this update to a close, I wish to share a sentimental thought of gratitude.

HOW BLESSED AM I – to be surrounded by such an amazing support system of family, friends, and online community.  Included within this lovely grouping, are the many kind and selflessly generous souls who purchased shirts and/or made donations to my Remaining Hopeful Lyme Disease treatment fund. I am beyond grateful for the love, concern, and thoughtfulness shared with me, and with Marky May, especially over the past month.



Until my next Blathering – May everyone searching for renewed health find their healing path.  Wishing you all a calm and peaceful season ahead.

Good vibes and Blessings to all!

Terry💚The Blathering Lymie


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6 thoughts on “Post SVF Stem Cells Update – Week 4

  1. i love hearing your ‘amazing’ surreal experience and healing process! rock on sister, truly a huge endeavor to celebrate, and i am so thankful you felt the high during the process and continue to be hopeful and know your body is healing! i truly do know what it is like to grow a new immune system – it wild, tough, and truly healing! i even saw parts of my body shed skin and regrow it, kinda cool and true testament of the power of our stem cells in healing. we all are so grateful you are having a positive response to this treatment! we pray with you, for you and feel the highs and lows from an outsiders view.. your happiness and positivity is contagious, you are not only a warrior but a true champion of courage, love and faith! love you sister!

  2. Well Done Terry I’m going to Frankfurt in October thank you for taking your time in writing this truly inspiring. Lots of love and healing from me Alison xxxx

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