Lyme Blogger Alert!

Lyme Blogger Alert!

imageHello!  My name is Terry.

you:  “Hi Terry!”

me:  “Thank you for the warm welcome!”

Introductions can be so awkward.

In case you may not know me, I’m a fierce and feisty Lyme Disease Warrior.  Despite my illness, and all of the health challenges that come with, I am truly blessed beyond measure.

A little tidbit for now, I am married to an awesome dude.  He’s handsome, funny, and did I mention handsome?   More about MM in later postings, but trust me, HE IS ‘da BOMB!

This whole blogging thingy is relatively new to me.   I started a journal a while ago, which has been extremely therapeutic on many levels.  This prompted a herculean attempt to consolidate all of my random thoughts, and believe me they are random.   I wish you luck in deciphering my ramblings and keeping up with my nonsense!

The mind rolodexing process I’ve gone through, has helped to chronicle my health journey.  Especially the past fifteen plus years, and even further back to my childhood illnesses circa the mid-late ’70’s.    As history reveals, I’ve been a bit of a sickly human.    How “fun” it seems, I get to blame the mass majority of this journey on a nasty, tiny, and disgustingly hideous tick that chose me to infect some 39 years ago.  Oh the joy!  (expressed with great sarcasm and disdain)

I perhaps have overused social media; oversharing my Lyme disease journey on my personal FB page in the past.  (For all of you non-social media folk, FB is short for FaceBook.)   Side note: While on the overuse issue, I should disclose here and now the following:  I overuse “and”, “that” and “this”, and misuse “just”.  I end sentences with prepositions, run sentences together, and my grammar and punctuation will be all over the place – like my thoughts.   Don’t judge me!    I have much bigger issues than worrying about all the stuff I should be remembering from my elementary school days.   Trust me, it is no easy feat trying to get this Lyme infested brain to function correctly.

Anyway, I digress.  A lot!   Back to the who am I, and why am I bothering you.   I am needing an outlet to express myself, other than solely through FB, Twitter, and Instagram.   I had been bouncing around the idea of starting a blog for some time, so I decided why not take the plunge.    My postings will not be daily, weekly, and perhaps not even monthly.   More of a, whenever my body allows and I feel like sharing kind of a scenario.    Less often the better perhaps for you.  Ha!

I’m not a writer by any stretch of the imagination (as if you hadn’t figured this out by now), but I enjoy jotting down my thoughts in my journal.  Well, technically, I am thumb pecking on my tablet or phone.  This tends to be somewhat sad and lonely, knowing I am merely “talking” to myself through an app.   I mean, let’s get real, I talk to myself enough throughout my days as it is.   Seriously.   I talk way too much to myself.   And to my cat, Eddie.  This little furry family member has been my therapist for years.   Believe me, Eddie is thrilled with this new blog endeavor.   Maybe now he can get back to sleeping 22hrs a day in peace.

I suppose you might say the purpose or “mission” of this blog, is to provide a safe space to share my thoughts.  Hopefully, without annoying anyone who wishes not to follow along.  Sharing my Blatherings will also serve as therapy to some degree.   The much-needed therapy, to assist in coping with the realities of what has been an insurmountable journey. One of battling these debilitating and determined chronic illnesses that have consumed my body for decades.   Most importantly, I am truly hoping to offer support (maybe even a few chuckles) along the way to others fighting the good fight – be it chronic Lyme Disease or any chronic illness(es).

Should you decide to follow along this journey with me, well that would be swell!  Simply subscribe to by Blatherings, as I’d hate for you to miss any future postings hot off the virtual presses.  Perhaps even share with others whom you think might get a kick out of reading the mindless ramblings of a Lyme Warrior.  For goodness sake, why not follow me on social media too?  Or not.  It’s a free country!   BUT, ifanyouwanna (one word), for your convenience simply click on the icon(s) of your choosing located under the Social menu.🤓 (Shameless plug!)

For now, the introductions have been made and you have been officially alerted!   There’s a (relatively newbie) Lyme blogger on the loose.

Until my next Blathering – wishing you wellness – always.

Terry💚The Blathering Lymie


#KeepFighting #NeverGiveUp #TurnPainIntoPurpose #DontLetLymeOrAnyIllnessStealYourJoy #RememberYouAreNeverAlone

20 thoughts on “Lyme Blogger Alert!

  1. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts. I must admit you have been a bit if a mystery. I totally understand! But it will be good knowing how you are doing rather than the ‘she’s resting’ response. Love you girl!

  2. You know I have to read this because what’s better than being swell and hanging out with you virtually because I don’t get to do it enough in the real world and overusing the word and.

    Hugs! How’s that?


  3. Can’t wait to follow your journey! Thank you for opening my eyes to that a-hole named Lyme & for marrying into a most amazing family!

  4. Hi Terry,
    Fabulous! 😊👏
    I loved reading you new blog and look forward to following. Hugs and blessings to you! ~xo

  5. I was trying my best to comment on your childhood and diagnosis story, but couldn’t find a comment window! So instead I’m writing here. Hope you don’t mind 🙂
    My heart breaks when I hear stories like that. Especially because I’ve been aware of Lyme’s for a long time, ever since I was a teen, and I know more about it than some GPs. I’ve been found negative at least once, but I’ve always been having bouts of fear about ‘what if I am’? I’ve got my own mysterious chronic things which are impossible to track down, so I’ve always been able to feel for the people who suffer from these diseases, especially fatigue, because that is a part of any chronic disease, a huuuuge part.

    You think we could do something together? I blog about books. Maybe you know books which are relevant to chronic illness, especially Lyme’s sufferers? I’ve joined AChronicVoice’s list yesterday and now found you through her blog. Maybe we could all raise awareness somehow? I’d like to be part of it, and I can talk about books. Reading your and Genevieve’s stories, I feel like I want to read about this more. And show it to everyone else.

    1. Thank you for contacting me! I’m sorry that you suffer from chronic illness as well. Too many suffer! I would LOVE to be a part of a greater project to help raise awareness and hopefully help others. Please feel free to contact me here: Or by clicking on the “Contact Me” section on the home page of my blog site. Sincerely looking forward to learning your thoughts! Blessings to you. 🙂 💚Terry

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