It’s My Bloggiversary!

It’s My Bloggiversary!


That’s right kids, I’ve been Blathering on now for a year.  Who knew I could ramble on for this long – umm – said no one ever who knows me!

Living the Lyme life tends to provide plenty of material.  I do wish I was able to provide an update highlighting a miraculous recovery.  Believe me, when – and yes I am stating when – in fact this occurs, I will be shouting from the mountain tops.   In the meantime, back down on the ground level of reality, we’re continuing to plug away day by day.

Lyme and friends are still actively running the show.  For someone who is a total type A personality, this lack of control thing is really getting old!   As a result, I believe I’m becoming even more bossy.  I didn’t think that was possible, but I assume hubby can attest to this being a factual admission.   Yikes!   Poor guy.

It is a tad depressing to report that not much has happened or changed over the past year, other than I hope to be in the process of healing.   As I mentioned in my last blog posting, we’ve recently revamped my treatment protocol.   Soon, new meds and pulsing will begin – once again. We’re taking a little bit of a break from hitting hard at these diseases, to allow my gut to heal for a few weeks.   Such a tricky and constant balancing act.

I’m referring to this time as a mini med vaca.  Most folks enjoy an actual vacation, this is my spin on a stay-cation.   Hoping and praying for some calm before the next storm begins.  Wishing I could share that this break in meds has provided some reprieve.  A shifting of symptoms yes, but reprieve or relief – that’s a big fat negatory!

How grand it would be if I could predict an end date to treatment, and ultimately a target date of renewed health.   But that is not the reality of these diseases, especially once they’ve been able to take root for decades.   Continuing to move forward with the mindset and hopefulness of remission and recovery, is what keeps me fighting – every day.  That and the constant reassurance from the hubs, “we’re going to get through this”.   I sure would like to take a peak into his crystal ball!

Crazy to think that it has been a solid two years of being housebound, and basically bed-to-recliner-bound.   I’ve been notably ecstatic on the handful of occasions I’ve been able to push myself and venture “out on the town”, to visit my 90 year old parents, maybe run an errand, have a meal out in an actual restaurant, or the added bonus of getting my hair cut and highlighted.  What used to be common occurrences for me, are currently quite rare and cherished.  And that’s ok.  Well, it’s not, but this happens to be my life right now.   So I am incredibly grateful and truly thankful when these added blessings occur.

Hoping there will soon be more normal human happenings in the near future.   In the meantime, the game plan continues, realizing I still have a hard fight ahead – but I got this!   Shhh….I just snuck a glance at hubby’s crystal ball.

Before I close this Bloggiversary Blathering, I would like to THANK YOU for following along this Lyme life journey with me.  I sincerely hope some how, in some small way, by sharing my story I am able to reach out to others who are fighting their own chronic illness battle.  Hoping to offer a glimpse into my tiny corner of this world – living with chronic Lyme disease.

Until my next Blathering…..

Please remember, you are never alone.

Wishing you all a lifetime of joy and wellness!

Terry💚The Blathering Lymie

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6 thoughts on “It’s My Bloggiversary!

  1. Thank you, Terry. You have described my life. Bed to recliner. Of course i get my hair done even though the only place I go is to the barn to see my mare. She’s better for me than medicine. I also swim every day which helps my pain. I love your blogs. They are so encouraging and make laugh. God bless you. We will defeat this terrible sickness and be healthy again with God’s mercies.

    1. Troy Ann, thank you for your lovely comment! What a wonderful blessing your mare must be. Horses are such wonderful and majestic creatures. Our animals in general are so healing. Goodness knows I would be lost and mess without my fur baby! I am wishing improved health for you, and hope your swimming continues to offer some relief away from your pain. I truly look forward to being able to exercise again. Thank you for following along with my blatherings! Blessings to you.🙏🏼💚

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and following along with you on Facebook. =) Happy Bloggiversary! I can identify with so much of what you write. Blessings, Valerie

    1. Hello Valerie! Thank you for the bloggiversary wishes.☺️ I’m thrilled to learn you are following along with my Facebook page and Blatherings. I definitely appreciate the follow and making the connection. So many of our stories are similar. Wishing this wasn’t the case. It is comforting, yet sad, to know we are not alone in our trials and fight. Wishing better days ahead for you. Blessings and hugs.🙏🏼💚

    1. Thank you Kim! I greatly appreciate your encouragement. Sharing our stories is so important, not only for personal healing, but to help let others know they are not alone. Providing more awareness about these insidious diseases is indeed vital, and helps me feel as though this long and trying journey is somehow serving a greater purpose. Thank you again for following along with me. Wishing you wellness.☺️💚

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