Having Faith in My Journey. Believing in My Strength!

Having Faith in My Journey. Believing in My Strength!

Hello lovely friends. I hope this posting finds you having a peaceful, low stress, and healing day.

You may have noticed a drought in my Blathering.  I quite simply haven’t felt like writing much of late.  My health has dipped backward, and I’ve been lacking a bit of positive inspiration. Random thoughts to share might appear, then quickly fade away.  Intentions have been a plenty, but negative oomph has been ruling the roost.  Self-care and preservation have taken precedence over blogging.

In my previous posting, I shared that I was taking a much-needed break from treatment.  This brief pause turned into roughly four months off antibiotics and magic potions.   As anticipated, my Babesia and Lyme symptoms have increased significantly, and to such degree that I’m back to being horizontal and miserable most days.  Oh, how I am thankful for my cozy bed and comfy recliner, but entirely too much time has been spent shackled to them both.

I’ve since resumed treatment for Babesia, with a combination of anti-bactierial medication and herbal therapies.   A laundry list of supplements, detoxification, and dietary restrictions continue to round out my treatment protocol.   One day I’ll be more mobile, less weary, and able to reintroduce exercise into the mix.   This remains wishful and hopeful thinking, but it will happen – and I can’t wait!

We are starting back slow with treatment this go around, per my request.  I have personal reasons for moving forward at a snail’s pace, focusing primarily on Babesia at this time. I know Lyme disease is still quite active, as these dastardly devils remind me often of their presence; reproducing and drilling their way around inside my body. If you suffer with chronic Lyme, you know exactly what I mean – especially with the moon cycles.   Am I right?!!?

For anyone who may think I’m floating out in the universe with this lunar comparison to increased symptoms, here is an article that may help you understand what we Lymie’s experience roughly every 26 days or so.  This is simply an added bonus to our “normal” daily symptoms.  As bizarre and wacko as it may seem, I have been tracking my Lyme flares for years now.   The correlation to the new and full moon cycles is uncanny.  Eerie I know!   Rest assured, no howling at the moon actually takes place, but the misery felt during these flares is something no human should ever have to experience.  Ever!

The primary reason for wanting to move slowly with treatment, my family has a special gathering planned the end of this month.   Those of you who have been following along with my journey, you may be aware of My Beautiful Mother’s passing this past November.   If you wish, you can read more about this difficult time here.

The majority of our family is coming together from near and afar to celebrate the life of our Beloved Matriarch.  We will be placing my Mother’s ashes in their final resting place – a somber yet joyous time.   An opportunity to have family gathered together, and to share memories of our lovely Nova Geraldine.  I’m anticipating tears and laughter to be flowing freely.

In addition to precious time with family, and to be there for my Dad, it will be good for my soul to be back in the countryside of southwest Missouri; to revisit our old homestead – where so many childhood memories were formed.

Because of the importance of this trip, my LLMD has been working with me the past few months, with the primary goal to have me vertical  and able to travel.   Focusing temporarily on short-term goals, with a less aggressive treatment approach.   Soon enough, we will kick treatment into high gear – once more.  One step at a time.  It’s not as if these diseases are going anywhere anytime fast it seems.  Sadly, it appears they’re only gaining momentum. Deep sigh!

I’ve been quite the sickly Lymie these past several months, but fiercely trying to will myself upright and strong enough to travel.  My body hasn’t been cooperating thus far, and the timeline set in place for this trip has gone from months to mere days away.

I’m trying to keep my sanity about me and not over stress, but this is my Mother’s graveside services, so needless to say emotions are high.   I’m leaning heavily on my faith to keep me strong.  That and my hubby.  I’m resting (as if I have any other choice in the matter right now), taking all necessary medications and magic potions, hoping and praying all will fall into place accordingly.

Thank you for letting me share this little extra personal piece with you.  I hope to be back to writing and offering bits of encouragement soon.

Until my next Blathering – Have faith in your journey.  Believe in your Strength!

Hugs, Blessings, and good vibes – always!

Terry 💚 The Blathering Lymie

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10 thoughts on “Having Faith in My Journey. Believing in My Strength!

  1. I am remembering this special gathering with your family this month and am praying you have the strength to endure the journey. Keep the faith, Warrior! You are not alone.

  2. Continue to pray for you as you get some strength for your travel. You are in my thoughts always as I pray for Gods help. You are such a beautiful woman and a credit to your beautiful Momma. You are so much like her. And we miss her sweet soul! Love always, Ellie

  3. Dear Terry,
    My heart goes out to you sweet friend. I will be praying that you have an extra measure of strength for the travel you are facing. Sending special thoughts of healing and understanding too. Keeping fighting. You are always such an inspiration to me. I’ve been meaning to message you and see how you are doing. Hugs and friendship, Valerie

  4. Lyme treatment is so rough. I was never able to stay on antibiotics for very long they tore me apart. Best of luck to you as you continue your treatment.

    1. Thank you, Shelley. I’m close to turning primarily to herbal therapies. Such complex diseases we battle. If only there was that one perfect treatment for all, right? Oh yeah, something resembling “a cure” we’re all waiting for…I’d settle for improved treatment options for certain. Wishing for you healthier, more “normal” and up days. 💚💚💚 -Terry

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