Four Months Post Stem Cells – A Snapshot into My Lyme Disease Healing Journey

Four Months Post Stem Cells – A Snapshot into My Lyme Disease Healing Journey

Hey there!  Long time no blog.  How are you?  How’s the family?  Have you missed me?

Maybe pass on answering that last question.  I’m kind of a sensitive lily right now.  Blaming it on hormones and neurological healing.  There must be a moon phase messing with my aura, as well. Ugh, the kitchen. There are dirty dishes in the sink.  Pretty sure I’m out of lip balm.  Did a bird just hit the window?  Great, now I’m crying.  Who moved my tissues?!

You have now met Sensitive Lilly!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little absent from blogging.  The laptop has been sitting collecting dust.  Limited brain power, and honestly, too much effort involved.

Physically getting the computer, dusting it off, and quite possibly removing cobwebs due to neglected use – I’m exhausted simply thinking about such movements.   Around our house, we also have an added form of labor-intensive computer activity.   His name is Eddie!

The balancing act of cat vs. laptop – simultaneously – makes writing and working even more of a challenge.  This requires skill, energy, and focus.  I’ve been lacking all three.

There have been the occasional updates via thumb pecking snippets on Instagram and Facebook, but no real oomph to full-on blather.

Horizontal and breathing – that’s the gig most days.  The breathing part is kind-of important. Being horizontal, eh, not a complete loss of purpose. When I’m down in bed or resting in my comfy recliner, Eddie the cat has complete lap and snuggle access.  I believe he views my being horizontal as winning!

Eddie the cat. We live in his world!

During my little blathering sabbatical, I’ve been sincerely grateful for the kindness and concern expressed my way. Thank you to all who have inquired as to how I’ve been feeling and progressing. My apologies for not being more forthcoming with updates. Sometimes, self-care needs to take precedence – especially over blogging!

Due to the delay since my last Blathering, let me try to bring you up to speed a bit. Hopefully, without writing a novel or causing a snooze fest.*

My last update was mid October 2017 – ten weeks post stem cells. Yikes! Since beginning my Blatherings back in August of 2015, this may be one of the longest stints without sharing my rambling thoughts.  And, you’re welcome!

Many factors attributed to my unplanned blathering pause.  I’ve already mentioned Sensitive Lilly, fatigue issues, and horizontal days.  Time now to share the more upbeat and encouraging happenings.

Around the end of October-first part of November (roughly three months post stems), more energy and sassy-ness began creeping back into daily life.  I was experiencing fewer flu-like symptoms, the crazy pounding headaches lessened, brain fog was lifting, episodes of migrating and shooting pain seemed to subside, and upright moments turned into actual “up” days without needing to rest for hours at a time.

Welcomed improvements indeed, and the timing was perfect. Family and friends visited throughout the month of November.  Basically, all month. We had ourselves a revolving B&B here at Casa de Mayfield’s.

I was actually human-ing on a consistent basis.

It. Was. Glorious!

Sassy was definitely beginning to take over for sickly.  Yaaasss!

This upswing carried me into December, with full praises as to why I think this whole SVF Stem Cells healing thang is da bomb!

L.A. bound!
Obligatory Infusio selfie. Also known as the “please tell me this 20th pic is finally ‘ok’ cause my face hurts” selfie.

The second week of December, hubby and I ventured back to L.A. for my 130-days post stems follow-up with Infusio Beverly Hills.   I arrived feeling high on life, stem cells, Infusio, clouds, trees, air.

Basically, bubbling over with sheer excitement on how well I was doing.

Pretty sure I heard angels singing as the elevator doors opened upon arrival at Infusio.

Okay, maybe not, but you get the idea.

The appointment with my Infusio physician went great!   She thoroughly explained the results of my full-body global diagnostic (GD) scan, which was quite complex to say the least.  Without showing you the actual reports – simply put: red bad – green good!

For comparison, we reviewed the reports of the GD scan taken on day one of my two-week Stem Cells therapy back in July (2017).  Indicators at that time were mostly red, only a few green, with orange/yellow in the mix.

General layman’s translation:  I had multiple organ systems in significant need of repair. (red – bad!)

Not terribly surprising, as I’ve been sick for a significantly long time.  My organs and entire body have been screaming at me for decades.

Curse you Lyme and chronic tickborne diseases and the mess you caused!

My December GD scan provided enlightenment and hopefulness.  Organ systems were improving – showing more green, hints of orange/yellow, and fewer red indicators.

Continued translation:  My gastrointestinal and endocrine systems improved a great deal over the first four months post stems. My nervous system indicators showed some improvements, but much healing still remains.

BTW – I realize the whole red/orange/green indicators more than likely makes zero sense to you. It’s strictly Infusio GD scan speak, and well, color commentary. (weak humor!)

Sharing further info from my 130 day follow-up, let me offer a visual:

I’m listening intently.  Absorbing the plethora of important information being shared by my incredibly knowledgeable and competent Infusio physician.  I’m nodding, smiling, and interjecting as necessary.

We discussed the (highly expected) crash and roller coaster of symptoms and emotions I experienced during weeks five thru eleven post stem cells. Followed immediately with my beaming excitement and gratitude that I had been feeling so awesome – beginning week 12 thru the then present time (four months post stems).

I specifically remember the words shared by my doctor, “be prepared for another crash as your body shifts from the adaptive into the neurological healing phase.” ✅

Quite politely, she impressed upon me neuro repair and healing may present with an even more significant roller coaster of symptoms – potentially lasting upwards of six to nine months.  Possibly longer, as every patient heals differently. ✅

In the back of my brain, a tiny voice is whispering and almost laughing at my delightful doctor’s compassionate advice…

Does she not realize how crazy good I’m feeling right now?

I’m seriously going to be one of the lucky patients who kicks these diseases right to the curb after only four months post stems.

I totally got this!

I received a tune-up treatment consisting of a few supportive IV’s, and my follow-up appointment was complete.  Hubby and I shared hugs with my amazing doctor and the awesome Infusio BH staff – and we were out of there.

We left Infusio absolutely giddy.  Had we not been in a car, chances are good we would have been skipping!

Time to get this living life to the fullest party started!

Fast forward a mere one week later.  Thoroughly spent from the whirlwind trip to L.A., and perhaps feeling residual effects from going nonstop the previous five or so weeks – I was reunited with being horizontal.  For kicks, a cold/flu virus invaded my safe space.

All of the above was more than enough to really stir things up.  Then bam!  The infamous neurological healing crash had to go and rain on my feeling good, high on life, “I got this” parade.

“Be prepared for another crash” – indeed! ✅ and ✅

Needless to say, I was abruptly and rather rudely faced with the reality – I am still healing!

I remind myself (often multiple times a day) this roller coaster ride that comes with all sorts of various symptoms – and days sometimes weeks of feeling lousy – is all a sign:  My body is working really flipping hard for me.

I am grateful for this one body I’ve been given, and for this stem cells healing opportunity.

I am truly grateful to be breathing!

And, for the record, I hugely dislike roller coasters.  Real and metaphorically.

A final share:  I recently returned to Infusio (Jan 29-Feb 1) for a new supportive treatment – ACT – autologous cyto-immunotherapy.   This therapy is to aid the body (post stem cells) through the transition phases: adaptive into neuro repair and healing.  I’m excited to share more detail about ACT, my experience, and results thus far.

Brief teaser:  Since receiving ACT, this treatment protocol has been added to my daily gratitude list.  Yes!

Keep a look-out for my ACT|six months post stems update.  Coming soon!

Until my next Blathering – Regardless of challenges and struggles, may we all choose to fill our days with gratitude and joy.

Thank you for following along as I share snapshots into my Lyme Disease healing journey.

Many Blessings and Positive Light!

Terry💚The Blathering Lymie


* Full disclosure: This post was not a novel. Only a short story.  I cannot attest to the snooze fest.


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Thank you!


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  1. Bless you hunny so much for you to endure xx
    Really good to hear from you, and Eddie looks superb for healing fluffie cuddles so sending many your way 🙂

    Wishing you wellness
    Carole – fibrofly73

  2. Terry, I’m so happy for you. You are in our prayers daily and looking forward to playing golf with you and Mark again. Best, Joe

  3. Terry… I’m so crazy excited for you! I really hope the ACT pushes you back into the “woohoo I’m WINNING!” Phase!


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