Coping. A Daily Battle for the Chronically Ill.

Coping. A Daily Battle for the Chronically Ill.

Coping.  A Daily Battle for the Chronically Ill.

This blathering is serving a bit as a coping mechanism.   A therapy session of sorts.  It’s been quite a rough go lately.  The bed bound, higher than “normal” fevers, excessive body temperature fluctuations, extreme nausea, unrelenting fatigue, get the elephant off my chest, miserable beyond miserable, hostage in my own body – kind of rough patch.   So, basically, a Lyme disease and Babesia flare.

These nasty flares pass – eventually.  Perhaps only momentarily, but they pass.  Until the next extremely miserable phase kicks in.

Oh, how I wish these flares didn’t happen.  But until a cure for persistent, late-stage, chronic Lyme disease (and the multiple accompanying co-infections) is found, the miserableness will continue.   Not only for myself, but for the millions of fellow Lyme warriors world-wide who are also struggling and fighting these diseases every day.

It would be easy to give in, allowing the weariness and woes to take over. Some days, as the tears are free-flowing and I’m feeling a new level of lousy, it is a challenge to keep my spirits up.   I am thankful for my faith, and for my rock of a husband.  Because without either my suffering and weakness, combined with the lingering sadness over the loss of my former life – before Lyme disease – could possibly overcome me.

Don’t get me wrong, by nature I am a strong-willed, stubborn, and feisty blond. But over the years of being so relentlessly sick, the toughness slowly chips away – bit by bit – with each miserable day.   Thanks of course to the determined and debilitating diseases that have invaded my body, and continue to shamelessly wreak havoc.

With what seems like a never-ending fight to eradicate these insidious diseases, there are days it is difficult to see a positive outcome.  Letting the negativity and miserableness take over; forgetting all of the joy in my life.

I can’t let that happen!

I am surrounded by too many blessings to give in or give up.   I may be weak and weary, but I refuse to stop fighting.  I’m stubborn remember!

My Blathering definitely serves a purpose.  It helps me to cope with the onslaught of down days; to let go of the negativity that encompasses feeling so inexplicably miserable – day in and day out.  Whining and venting, as it may appear to some, serves as a release.  As noted in my opening paragraph, this is therapy.  Much-needed, good for the mind and soul therapy.

In addition to sharing my chronic illness troubles, I am hoping to reach out to others who may be facing their own health issues or personal circumstances.  Some days, life may seem overwhelming and daunting.  I wish to share this message:  You are not alone!   You are surrounded by a family of fellow warriors – always.

I truly hope you are able to find your own coping mechanism(s) or therapy outlet, even if it is simply by reaching out to an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter follower.

Whatever your journey…YOU GOT THIS! 

Whether you are coping with the struggles of chronic illness, or dealing with an unlimited supply of challenges that life may present, it is up to each of us to find our way.   To learn from the journey.  Most importantly, to master the ability to cope and look beyond our troubles.

Sometimes we have to dig down a little deeper to recognize all the good in our life.  May we never lose sight of the endless joy, our bountiful blessings, and the wonders all around us.  May they never cease!

Until my next Blathering…regardless of your struggles, please try to remember – LIFE.  IS.  GOOD!

Blessings and positive vibes always.

Terry💚The Blathering Lymie

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12 thoughts on “Coping. A Daily Battle for the Chronically Ill.

  1. You give me courage every time I see your name! Thank you,my beautiful girl! I’m so discouraged when I know you are being such a trooper and I’m being such a baby! Maybe someday we will understand all of this!! We all have our “days”, don’t we?Love you more than words can say! Momma Ellie

  2. dear warrior sister.. i have specifically been praying to dig deeper find a new well of strength for my issues which truly feels like whining when i read your inspiring words and the strength in your conviction of being champion in your journey! God bless you, for sharing your heart and it touches me deeply from my own confines and strengthens me every time i’m touched by your thoughts, love, strength – the list is endless for the ways you help me.. i so my dear want to give back to you and help support you.. you amaze me.. always sending you love and deep healing prayer!

    1. Thank you for you lovely comment, Dawn. I know your struggles can be so overwhelming for you. Please know I am always here for you warrior sister! Thank you for being there for me over the years. Such a blessing that our paths have crossed! Sending you healing and uplifting hugs, prayers, and love. One day at a time, right?! Love you girlie!🤗💚😘

  3. I am so very sorry that things are so difficult for you…and so very impressed & inspired by your positive attitude! We try to keep the same focus on joy – I have had ME/CFS for 15 years (plus Lyme on and off but mostly in control for the past 10 or so), and my son also has ME/CFS and Lyme, plus babesia and bartonella. He did go through very difficult periods like you are experiencing, until we learned more. Antibiotics were doing more harm than good after 3 years on them, so he switched to an all-herbal protocol that both our LLMD and our dietician/biochemist recommended. I was skeptical, but it has proven to be quite potent! It also took us a while to figure out how to handle Herx reactions – our LLMD always reminds us that it does no good to suffer through them because you’re not making any progress against the infections when your body is in such poor shape and can’t handle detoxing. So, it is a careful balancing act, but my son adjusts his dose minutely so that he (mostly) remains functioning. Thankfully, we have also found treatments that help him detox better through the worst periods. Improving methylation helps immensely, too.

    I know how difficult these down times can be. I’ve been going through one myself with a newish diagnosis of erythromelalgia that causes a lot of foot pain. I’m not used to constant pain, so I have really been struggling all winter but especially this past week…so thanks for your blatherings that remind me of what is important and that I am not alone!

    I hope things improve for you soon.


    Living with ME/CFS

    1. Sue, thank you for your thoughtful words. I am truly sorry you are suffering so with such debilitating symptoms and chronic illness. I am thankful you have taken the time to read my Blatherings. Such kindness you have shared. I am grateful our paths have crossed. Sending healing hugs and blessings your way.💚✨💚

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