About Me

About Me

The infamous About Me page.

Where to begin….

I like long walks along the beach, with the warm ocean breeze gently blowing my hair.  I like snow peas.  I can talk or not talk for hours. (Any “Best In Show” fans?)

I am the wife of a “really, really, ridiculously good-looking” man. Hubby, Marky May, or MM, as I may refer to him in my blatherings, is one of the genuine good guys.  I am blessed beyond measure, and full of love and happiness.  All the mushy stuff and then some.  MM is MY ROCK!  Being married to this guy is totally awesomesauce!  (Probably a word no one over the age of 20 should be using.)

I have two gorgeous and talented step-daughters, and have been further blessed with four adorable grand kiddos:  A beautiful, sweet and sensitive granddaughter, and three handsome, gonna break some hearts grandsons.  I cannot wait to watch them grow up!  Just not too fast.

I’m an Air Force brat.  Extremely proud and grateful for the 30 years my father served his country, and for the sacrifices both he AND my mother made throughout all of those years. A blessing to have been raised by two AMAZING parents  – and patriots!🇺🇸🇺🇸

Without having any say in the matter, I bring up the tail end of our little AF brat brigade.   I hold the distinction as the baby sister of five siblings, ranging in ages from…..yeah, I’m not going there!

Gratefully furthing my family duties, I am an aunt to four nieces and five nephews, and great-aunt to three great-nieces and six great-nephews – and counting. (Seriously hoping I have not left anyone out!)  Of course, this doesn’t include spouses, hubby’s side of the family, or any furry four-legged members.  My feeble brain can’t even go there right now.   The family tree is forever growing.   And I Love It!

Last but not least, MM and I have been the proud parents of several fur babies over the years.  Currently, our home is blessed with an incredibly spoiled rescue kitty named Eddie. Short for Edwin Garold, as he is named after his “grandfathers”.  This 7-lb fur ball has serious cred around our house.  We are privileged to live in his world.  Yet, another blessing.

There’s more about me to come, thus the purpose of this blathering blog. 😉

Basically, I am truly blessed and thankful to be a tiny leaf on my fabulous family tree.

I’ll close with one little piece de resistance.   On the occasion I may feel well enough to have some tunes rockin’, I like to sing quite loudly and oh so off-key.  Not because I’m attempting to be funny or entertaining, I simply and matter of factly cannot carry a tune.  #dontcare #imightbetonedeaf #youshouldwearearplugs #iamwomanhearmeroar

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